To offer an unrivalled standard of products for the beauty and therapies industry 


Provide premium quality, highly active, natural, environmentally conscious products and great customer service and strive to exceed expectations for all.


Exceptional standards in everything unrivalled customer care. Integrity and respect in all things. All our products are vegan friendly and safety certificated to global standards.

Naomi Bardusco

Not only does Naomi have a wealth of beauty experience behind her, but she is also a highly-qualified trainer with graduate teaching and assessor qualifications. Naomi has been a trainer for a world leading brow brand and is the go to therapist to get perfect brows (including training celebrities too)!

Naomi can bring the life back into any face with microblading and Henna brow treatments, creating stunning brow designs with semi-permanent hair strokes; meaning that any brow can be perfected and enhanced. Naomi’s passion for all things beautiful made her examine the products she was using and their authenticity.

She teamed with and a natural formulator and support of a cosmetic chemist to create Ultimate-results, a range of beautiful, specialist products which can be used by everybody to remain youthful looks and gorgeous skin.

Rhianna Frend

With an extensive background in media makeup and beauty her knowledge on skin leaves clients with the best glow and strength. Rhianna is passionate about the skin but also cares about the environment and questioned some of the products used by professionals in the industry, she undertook colossal amounts of research with the support of cosmetic scientists to create better products with highly active ingredients which are kinder to the environment and created in safe environments under EU regulations.

Rhianna found there was no great brand of products to use for Dermablading and found that all the Henna products on the market came from Russia or further afield (with no independent safety data sheets or registration in Europe) so researched creating a range using natural ingredients where possible.